• bhavin_shah 9w

    Time teaches us a lot things. I guess some get to know early and some on the later period.
    There is the time in everyone's life when one thinks
    I'm happy enough, I don't need anyone in my life to be happy. And there God throws another bouncer in your life, and asks ohh you really happy now?

    There time comes when you start taking people for granted and assume "yeh reh na reh apni Zindagi me, apni life toh sorted hai, ghanta fark padta hai". And there again God throws another bouncer and guess what? You're clean bowled. Till date the person you thought is nothing more than timepass to you, now their absence start bothering you. Time speaks everything.

    There is also time, when you start trusting someone blindly, sharing each and everything without any hesitation. Not boyfriend, not girlfriend but your so called bestfriend, and what if i tell you, the same person who you trusted blindly sharing every single detail of the life, becomes the same person who stabs you on your backside? The same person who knows how much friendship matters to you.

    And there you again being a person of open heart,
    Forgets everything, makes a new friend, again in the same way trust blindly, get habitual to talk with them,
    And all of sudden there is an accident and boom, years of friendship, trust all in vain...
    Again TIME brought back u to the same place from where you started.

    In the world full of temporary people, tired of searching, trusting for lifelong friendships relationships.

    Maybe 2020 is one of the most challenging year of my life, from loosing the love of my life to loosing best friends, friends.

    Why I'm sharing with you all?
    Coz I'm left with no one to share about��

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