• mhamade01 23w

    By unknown writer

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    "It doesn't matter"

    I don't get it at all
    Why want only just a pretty girl?
    You want fake, some mindless doll
    Just to take to bed? You're a slut
    Immature and pathetic, such a shame
    Their is more to it you mutt

    Instead idolize her mind and her heart
    Marvel at her words and her actions
    Obess over how she thinks and how smart
    Love what she is and what she is not
    That's what you should do, but also
    Admire her for giving you a shot

    The body and face always fades
    So why is it so important?
    Beauty is though all types and all shades
    It doesn't matter much what she looks like
    It's whats on the inside that counts
    If you don't agree, then take a hike

    Do not pursue a piece of plastic
    How would you feel if that was you?
    Treated based only on looks? Too drastic
    Do not go up that ladder
    You'll be sorely disappointed
    Because like I said, it doesn't matter