• infinite__tales 5w

    Dear old school,
    How are you? Are your walls fine? Is there a mark that I left behind?
    My heart scribbled with my crush's name still there? Are broken benches alright?

    How stupid I was to feel you a cage. How badly hated you every morning, I wished you drowned in rain. How, idiot, I was to think you are the toughest thing in my life. One day I will leave you and fly above the skies.

    Unknown from the world, cursed you a lot. Every Monday exams. You were a nightmare of my thoughts.

    What a duffer I must say, who thought you were killing my dreams by trying to mould in a specific way when I was an amoeba with special features in me.

    Unaware of the consequence, unaware of time. I reached a stage where my childhood will end in little time.

    You were the one who shaped "who I am". Yeah, you made me solve algebra which still useless in life. But it's okay it was still better than problems in life.

    You were the best dream I ever had. Physics is still a nightmare but I miss that force on the desk.
    You were of 4 walls , but a world in itself. You gave me space to be myself.
    No culprit thought, No selfish mind . just innocence and you. How gracefully you saved me from life.

    You gave me a chance to build my dreams, you made me experience unreasoned happiness and meet best people I can ever think.

    Now 14 years seems to be even less time. I wished it was more. I wish it was life.

    How badly I miss you, no words can describe. You weren't just 4 walls or textbook of exam times. You were the hope, the smile, the dream, the sunshine. You were the laughter, the smell of recess time, you were the noise, the kick in game time. You were the colours that fell more on the dress and less on sheet. you were the pass time sketch of cranky teach. You are that lane where I want to walk one more time.

    yours stupid
    not so innocent student