• fearsotherside 10w

    Earth 70% Human 60%

    Earth & Human not that different.

    We like a parasite. As our frequency dropped so to did earths. We became to unhealthy for earth to support or heal. We are interconnected & must work together. If not there will be a continued push for human kind to be culled.

    We become less of a pimple and more of a cancer.

    First she self sacrificed her lungs, the Amazon. As a traumatised human we have been known to self medicate & take up vices such as smoking to hold down the pain. Humans have been smoking earth out with pollution & toxins. She was crying, screaming for us to change, she does not want us to suffer as she is, it was a plea for change.

    Like the blood of a human if something is not healing on our skin or within our blood has some soldiers that only exist to corden off the problem to just that area (makes me think of densely populated places) Other lil soldier's have a meeting & figure out new different ways to rid itself of the new infection. If it there is no way external forces come in, antibiotics, radiation, chemotherapy.

    First that went were her lungs. Now less oxygen for us to breath.

    Now battle of the gut, brain & heart. This has been our personal battles since self isolation begun, & for many it begun years before, I believe.

    For her it is all one thing...yet she has been thrown off balance. What is happening & will continue is what may just be her way of aligning again. For her to align, we must align or what many see as uncontrollable destruction of disease & natural disaster will continue. It's unbelievable there are humans fighting humans still. Wtf has history taught us. We all have a choice.

    This is getting somewhere I am not quite there, to the point I want to make.

    Highly populated areas have been hit the hardest. Where life is fast, routine, about money, power, must do, must have, throw away living. Working to live, not living to work, all fear based & "I don't have time" mentality. When they have the same time as everyone else. Are they appreciating all that is offered to them? Are they grateful? Are they being authentic? Are they living their best version of themselves? Is their job soul fulfilling? Is it to better the future of humanity & earth as a whole. At least not damaging them.

    I cannot see someone living out of the city & off the land being much affected by covid, can you?

    We as a human collective really must stop and think, are we a pimple or cancer? If we are a pimple than how can we adjust to being a part of earth, something earth needs. Maybe we are the mind of earth, the Conciousness. To connect to our heart is connecting to hers.

    Living from my heart space my vibration only rises. Water, nature & kindness seem to be the 3 main things that align me.

    I have many thoughts I cannot quite put into words, I guess I want a way to say, we needed change. This is change. Nothing is to be the same. Until we accept this we cannot relax. Earth will still fight back, external forces will come in. (Ie. Covid, natural disasters)

    We need to hold our frequency. You are safe if you are changing with earth. We need to shine a light in the dark, it's the only way to change, stop the cancer growing. The cancer is within us all. It's outside as well. It is human. It is within our Conciousness. Our creations. Our thought forms. Our ways. Our interactions with eachother.