• vys_9399 6w

    The past, present and future"

    Hey you,
    Stop reminding me of the dreadful days that passed.
    Stop reminding me of the days I lost and forgot to live.
    Stop reminding me of the "GOD KNOWS WHAT" days that are yet to come.

    When I saw you today,hung high on the dusty white wall next to my bed , YOU made me both smile and whine.
    I've always wanted to ask you,
    "Why so selfish dude?"
    because no matter what, YOU move on,pass by and just goes with that steady laminar flow,
    leaving many lives stagnant and marking a fullstop to many other.

    Ohh!!! huge numerals huh??
    Most of it bold black ,yet a few red ones representing random IMPORTANT shit.

    As I look up at the pitch dark sky through my beautiful green windows , I thank the one above for YOU,
    else who would have answered all my questions and completed all my incomplete sentences.
    YOU, are a lantern spreading warmth and light.
    YOU,are a ray of hope that keeps the world going.
    YOU are