• dmwilliams 49w


    Have you ever met someone you wanted so bad that your life changed? Well, I did and my life was never the same and I'm thankful.

    At first glance, I immediately wanted her. This was uncharted territory for me. I never had these feelings.

    How can a person have this kind of effect on me and my sensibilities?

    Her eyes gestured and her lips parted, signs that indicated she's interested. . .I hoped. Rejection was my mortal enemy throughout my unsuccessful love life.

    Patience got the best of me and I stood several arms length away while she worked the crowd. It was her gala and but I felt her loneliness beaming at me.

    She sauntered up to the podium, cleared her throat and began to thank her guest. Her charming energy floated throughout the venue, penetrating everyone, including me, her most attentive listener.

    She was shy but hid it well from the throng of onlookers. I remained stunned by her every move as she spoke.

    She made such an impact on my confidence, that at the conclusion of her speech, I made a beeline in her direction.