• daniel_yusufzai 10w

    She is ornery and I am moody.

    We often fight the loudest, and never agree with each other.

    Sometimes no calls for a month or two. And desperately wanting to talk during lonely nights, and yet no one drops a call, we start hating each other even more.

    Sometimes we start texting amorously but end up blocking numbers.

    Sometimes we are in a predicament, and need someone to console us but the best way we find to answer is 'walk-away.'

    It seems like she wants to be my Boyfriend who needs all the dominance, and I, being a boy, want to be her Girlfriend who never wants to see her talking to anyone else.

    We are always too fast in cutting all the ties, yet the ties between our hearts cannot be undone.

    Several differences, we bifurcate our ways for: Several reasons, we come together again for.

    There is nothing that could stop us loving each other.