• soumi_sengupta 6w

    Remember, when for the first time you realize,
    When you first feel the flutter of a thousand butterflies.
    When just looking at them makes your day,
    And you can't help but blush, when they look your way.
    When you are with them time seems to fly,
    And you start missing them the minute you say goodbye.

    When suddenly the cruel world doesn't seem so dark,
    As they brighten it with their uninhibited spark.
    How they make your insecurities disappear,
    With them by your side you feel no fear.
    When you've convinced yourself what you feel is true,
    That that person is also secretly crushing on you.
    You slip them in every conversation, with every friend,
    On being teased, you are offended you pretend.

    If while reading this you're thinking of me,
    Don't be shy, set your feelings free.
    It's love, you don't play by the rules in this game
    Just ask, maybe I feel the same.