• dandilion_dilema 10w

    Bless the woman that's broken.
    For she seen what other can't bear.
    Singled out and rejected.
    In need of some timely repair.
    Her eyes have seen other plateaus
    She hasn't had time to unpack.
    Her belongings are littered around her.
    The things that she doesn't want back.
    Her emotions have mangled perceptions.
    Others they don't understand.
    No one was there in her suffering.
    This wasn't something she planned
    Love was once in her sunsets.
    Chasing like wild butterflies.
    But a storm hit her heart and it damned her.
    Making her good at goodbyes.
    Bless the woman whose broken.
    Her dreams replay in her mind.
    Always looking for something ,
    but constantly falling behind.
    Her heart leaks of the love that
    has left her.
    It trails after as she walks along.
    Maybe she'll find missing pieces.
    Somewhere she doesn't belong.
    Something is stirring inside her.
    Again it is time to depart.
    Already knowing the ending.
    Before she has time for the start.