• wikaican 4w

    ICAN(I Care About None)

    Who would ever know you're struggling if you won't say?
    And who would ever understand even if you say.
    All these faces remain unfamiliar even after all these years,
    I can't understand and relate to all my peers.

    End up doing nothing all day,
    Thinking there must be a way,
    To grab my things and get away,
    From this unfamiliar dark hallway.

    Everything is hard to accept but easy to understand,
    My analysis tells me my position and where I stand.
    Can I just be myself coz everyone is one of a kind ?
    But to be me or the one I wanna be in my mind ,
    I can see no happiness I must be blind.

    Everything is difficult or did I make them hard?
    I waited long for things to change but they never had.
    All this must be blamed on me and none else is bad,
    Thinking this made me inferior and a lot more sad.

    After going through all of it,my darkness is still trying to extend,
    Instead of stopping or taking an end.
    I am all ready to beg and bend,
    For it in my life to step down and descend.
    But it's too stubborn for climbing over me and still taking an ascend.