• shrishti_11 41w

    Rowed against gruesome waves.
    Water splashed as if it coveted the sail.
    Thunder lighted up with a terrified roar.
    Ghastly sound of the invincible tides shrieked on the audience spectating the night.

    People were clutched into the vicious web
    Few gave up, in the middle, while some counted on their last breaths.
    A terror of losing prevailed, succumbed to injuries, the hope of living disdained.
    A boy of five, didn't want to let go of his life.
    But, the brutal injuries closed his eyes.

    Soon, the rage was pacified in some ways,
    A ray of light took away the gloom of that night.
    The sun rose high, giving this world a reason to again smile.
    He opened his eyes and visioned that he was still alive.