• lanzhan 9w

    If you're yearning just today for someone you loved most, the amount of pain could be same as to few that lost someone 20 years ago.. The scents of memories will never be changed but slowly fading soon the laden heart.. One day, you will put a smile without tears flowing.. But love will always be there inside your heart.. Hiding and lingering.. Your face will be no longer downcast.. But flowers still on the graves.. You will missing the familiar.. The used to be smile and laughter and frowns.. Sad heart learn to be strong.. Remember, night has a purpose.. To be stilled.. To be quiet.. To rest your tiring soul.. Mourn now and tomorrow and another tomorrow until you're ready to touch the burning sun to guide your shadow...

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    Night of love
    Longing to kiss
    your succulent lips
    To see your amber gaze
    To hear the sweet sighs
    Night of love
    In space and time
    Anchor of love was death
    But it will never withered