• _shradha_pandey 5w

    Today when I saw u in #blue
    Yet again I fell for #you

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    I WANT.....

    I loved you eternally
    And not casually
    Yes, you started our story
    Though it didn't end with glory
    It will forever be in my heart
    And make me crave for a new start
    Yes, you were my first love
    And will the the last one too
    You are my only dream, only dove
    Which has got my heart blue
    I want you to be mine again
    And this time it won't be in vain
    Let us again strive
    And make is the best thing in my life
    I want our story to re-start
    Which won't go apart
    Trust me darling
    I won't let you down
    And will never
    Make you frown
    I will love u the most
    More than anyone could do
    My love will keep increase
    The way it has grew
    My love, let my dreams be true
    Let 'US' from 'ME' and 'YOU'
    Let 'OUR' from 'YOUR' and 'MINE'
    And our love have a re-shine
    Though I started the
    journey to forget you
    And yet again
    I fell deep for you
    I just want your true love
    I just want us to be above
    I want to hug you again
    And walk along in the rain
    I just wanna give you memories
    You'll never forget
    and wanna make a new start
    We'll never regret

    You knew I loved you
    Hope you know I still do