• sowieso 6w


    You were on my wishlist.
    I asked Santa for you,
    Even though I didn't yet know your name.
    But you were on the top of my list.

    A girl without a face, or a name.
    But with eyes showing the depths of the ocean
    A heart so big and kind.
    And lips that make it hard to look away.

    I imagined the first morning light,
    As we finally stopped talking,
    And decided to go to bed.
    Falling asleep with a smile on our faces.

    I imagined the sound of laughter
    The audible click of 2 souls connecting
    The girl I want to be, nourished
    By the girl I wanted to be with.

    I found you in the catalog.
    Circled you a million times
    Sent my wishes to santa
    But, this product was no longer available.