• sayim_kashmiri 5w

    Let me die tonight

    Let me die tonight
    Let me cry out my heart,
    weep in reminisce
    and sob the last of all tonight

    So that every void
    inside my being gets filled
    Feigning to heal
    Every silent sigh buried
    Shrieking out loud tonight

    Let me hammer my head
    Against the ruined walls of this room
    So that every thought
    that kills me within
    And every memory
    that haunts me over and again
    Every chaos that messed me up
    Will be thrown out into pieces tonight.

    Let me vivisect my chest
    And take out my half dead heart
    So that every human will be exiled
    Every scar, bruise and wound
    can be healed tonight

    And when
    Every pain will be cured
    Let me then die tonight.
    Free from everything
    and peaceful to the core

    Let me die and see tonight
    How generous Izrael is?
    For when he will capture my soul
    Maybe he will accompany me to Beloved
    Maybe He will barge in
    Crashing every boundary
    every wall,roof, window
    and every door tonight
    And led me to Beloved's bosom
    Let me die tonight
    Oh please! Let me die.