• chetnatyagi 9w

    What is divinity

    What is divinity?
    When the tide of anger
    Is ready to cross
    All the limits
    Then choosing surrender
    And accepting peace
    Yes, this is divinity.

    When the mind is suspicious
    The future is apprehensive
    Then choosing faith
    And holding patience
    That time can't be same
    All the time
    Yes, this is divinity.

    When mind is troubled
    By lots of questions
    And no any way is visible
    Then choosing hope
    That no matter how dark the night is
    Dawn is not too far
    Yes, this is divinity.

    When there is question of choosing
    Between duty and promise
    And nobody is there to understand
    Then resolving
    That balance is to be maintained
    Between the two
    Yes, this is Divinity.