• chester 5w

    My lover My Liar

    You came to me again saying those sweet lies and here i'am spreading my arms loving and caressing you like the tides embrace the sea!
    With no hesitation, those sweet eyes staring at me make me feel nothing can go wrong again and the way you smile at me damn i can't resist. I'm still so fucking inlove with you
    Even if its killing me, you look beautiful as ever

    If you could only see yourself through my eyes, you would never doubt how i feel for you and it would take your breath away because that is what you make me feel every single day

    They said that i'am to naive to let you come again in my life, they all hate you because of what youve done to me but i dont care, all i want is you, even this love is tearing me apart i will fight for it as long as i can as long as the wrong feels right!

    Well i tried not to think of what might happen because im so scared of losing you again
    And then reality finally cuts through
    And here we go again

    I can still remember
    Those words you said to me

    all the best lies are told with fingers tied!

    What i've done? why did you came back?
    Why you keep hurting me over and over again?

    I sacrifice myself for your happiness, yes! you didnt ask for it but that is my choice because i fucking love you !

    I was so naive to think
    That I could change your ways

    I gave it all for you, cared for you, im always there for you,
    Hoping that you would see!
    so tell me where i went wrong?
    You hide behind those perfect smiles
    It won't fool me because you already did

    Im tired of your apologies
    Im tired of your lies
    You left me feeling empty
    You got me down on my both knees

    Everywhere i look, i see your face.
    Every time i let my mind wander,
    It always finds a way to you and it kills me but i can't stop it! i wish i can !
    What can I do to get through to you?