• madhania 24w


    1,2,3, I'm counting streetlight again
    I feels they're same like me
    They're shining but alone in the dark
    Seems like they favor me
    Please give back to me
    My heart that you steal
    So that my heart can heal now
    I really wanna sleep, sleep tight
    Because I think it will heal my heart
    Each moment I’m awake
    My heart hurts so much
    I dislike seeing the sun
    After staying up all night
    I walk straight but I still sway
    Can Someone hold me? I’m in danger
    May Someone lend me their shoulders?
    So I can lean and cry all I want
    I’m too afraid to go on a bent path
    I have too many knots to be untied
    There’s no answer to this disease
    The only medicine is you
    Even if it’s just one moment
    Can’t I hold you in my arms?
    And fall into a permanent sleep?
    I need you more than forever