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    My lips which were curved a little because of my shyness, disappeared upon hearing him.
    I wanted to stay nd i was damn sure about it.

    But can't because ma was waiting for me to scold. It's not like, that she won't allow me to stay at someone's house. I just had to say that I was doing group study nd arrange for some witness, but I already made her angry since morning. She was just waiting for my return so that she can eat me in one go.

    But a little more.
    Not much, just 1min more.
    Or 1/2 hr.
    Or 1 hr .
    Or 1 day.
    Or 1 week.
    Or 1 month.
    Or 1 year.
    Or just 1 life time.....
    Can't i simply stay a little more.

    I held him tightly. He understood my fear, my feelings...
    He didn't say much.

    After sometime, I removed his hands from me nd got out of bed. He followed me. I went to washroom to wash my face, eyes which was swollen, nd to tidy my hair which was messy.
    It took only 5 mins for me to get ready. I came out. He was wearing shirt and pant. He too changed his clothes by the time.

    "I will go on my own. Don't come with me. " I said.
    Because I knew longer the time I spend with him harder will be for me to leave by his side.

    He didn't said anything, Quietly combed his hairs nd carried my bag and went out of home, downstairs.

    I too didn't say anything because somewhere I Knew how badly my heart wanted to be with him even if it was just a little more of time.
    I walked out of home and locked the door.
    Went downstairs nd Gave the keys to him nd just walked in the direction towards bus stop. While we were walking together, he held my hands, fingers intertwined with each other.
    We walked through the streets together. I was happy looking at him, walking beside me; our hands together.
    We reached bus stop by 15 mins. After 5mins bus arrived. We both got on it nd after next 45 mins we got down. But he didn't leave my hands even for a second.
    We walked till we reached my home building. All the way I didn't looked at the road ahead, whenever he asked me the way, I just gave direction but all my eyes, attention was on him.

    I was just badly gravitated to this man beside me who did small things for me to feel happy. Or maybe was I too simple that smallest things were all enough for me. Don't know, but I was satisfied enough with him....

    "Go inside. When u reach just give a call. Then I will go back. Till then I will wait for u. Go." he said.

    My thoughts were broken in just few seconds nd i was taken back to the originality. I couldn't say anything. No words were coming out of my mouth. All of a sudden my heart felt heavy, as if the a big stone was kept on it.
    I looked at the building then at him. Then left his hands nd walked towards building with my head down.

    "My love, don't cry like a baby when I leave, Do it when I m with u, So that I can hold u nd ur tears. OK.. " he shouted from back.

    I turned to look at him. He was smiling and waving at me. My eyes lighted up even in that moment of separation, my heart felt calm. Because it knew that this guy infront of me will always be with Me, no matter near or far, we will be together.
    He surely knew how to make me smile. :)

    If he will be like this it will be even more worse for me when he will leave me nd go back. I m surely going to suffer a lot, but as long as I can stay a little more with him I will bear it all. I was determined to accept everything coming my way as long as he can stay with me even for the smallest time.

    I smiled nd simply nodded my head, turned to go back. I walked a few steps but I stopped. As if something was pulling me back. I turned to look at him. He was standing looking at me. I was still for few seconds, smiling at him. He gestured me to go inside. I simply ran towards him nd hopped on him like a monkey.
    Undoubtedly I wanted to hold him a little longer. :)
    He was making me crazier day by day.
    Don't know what spell did he do on me. I can't resist my feelings infront of him.

    He wrapped his arms around me and patted my back. He was laughing at my foolishness.
    "Stupid girl. Get down. If anyone sees, u r going to suffer. We shall meet tomorrow. OK. "

    I simply nodded nd got down from him. Nd ran inside the building. I reached home. When I was in my room, I called him nd told him. He went back to his home. On the way he was still talking to me.

    I waited for ma to come back as I did my homework. But was tired a little so slept. She was back, late. Maybe she waited for me to get up but by that time while waiting she slept beside me.

    When I got up, I saw her beside me. She was adorable as a little child. I smiled nd quietly walked out of the room. Nd made tea for her nd went back to wake her up. When went inside, by the sound of door she was already awake.

    I just smiled at her but her scolding already started. I came closer nd hugged her. She was shocked. Because I never did such thing in home. It was rare for me to do it on my own.

    I told her what happened in the morning. She was attentively listening to me while sipping her tea. She didn't say anything. Just after my story of day was over she quietly went out of my room to do house chores.

    I was alone in my room. All I had with me was my thoughts, which only had one person. It was him.

    Today I cried a lot but still it was beautiful. Because of him, I was happy. Because I was with him, near him. I cherish it all.


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