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    Daily Prayer For October 9

    Father, Elijah was like a mentor (a wise advisor and teacher) to Elisha. Of the fifty sons of prophets who watched Elijah the day they knew by the Spirit he was going to leave them to go to heaven, Elisha was the only one who refused to leave Elijah’s side. Because of his commitment, Elijah asked Elisha what he could do for him before he left. Elisha asked for Elijah’s life to be repeated in his life. Because of his perseverance and listening to what Elijah instructed him to do, Elisha received Elijah’s mantle. Thank You for the mentors You have placed in my life, Father. In Jesus’ name, help me to be as committed to my mentors as Elisha was to his. Amen.

    2 Kings 2:1-15 MSG

    Daily Confession

    I will go after the best God has to offer in spiritual mentorship.