• ink_and_solitude 6w

    Hell Is A Good Place

    There was a body on the floor
    He didn't move
    His face was swollen
    From the hate of his youth
    Eyes gouged out and yellow
    The veins in the whites
    All dried up
    His mouth reeked of curses
    Open like a cave
    A half cut tongue fidgeting inside
    Plague growing on his teeth
    Rigor curling the limbs
    The body contorted in despair
    He laid there, ugly and motionless
    Like the devil spat on him
    Populated by truthful roaches
    Eating the skin on his cheeks
    And the meat of his tongue
    And the gaps in his hair
    Moving all along the cold, stiff and rotten body
    Everywhere the plague grew
    A black deformed mass
    Spreading in the muscles
    In the loins and the guts
    In the toes and the thighs
    Hands full of scars
    I stood over him
    Enticed by the fantasy
    Salivating at the horrendous sight
    He was my rapist
    Choked me, that slut!
    What a treat to watch!
    Hell is a good place.