• colourfulgreys 6w

    MY IDOL Part IV

    You don't have to listen
    And agree to the gender
    They assign to you at birth
    You just know your gender and it's not always the same as your biological sex.
    so it's a specturm out there
    and I'm not going to believe you telling me
    It's a binary
    Non gender conforming identity
    Is as valid as the sun in all its finery!

    Another norm which is normalised is the hairless beauty
    While we are close to monkeys!
    Body hair is natural and I proudly flaunt it
    If shaving, waxing and doing other stuff Is by choice
    Then it's fine
    But if you do so to qualify as beautiful I'm sorry it's a failed life
    My gender and my body is a heavenly abode
    For my precious soul and life
    And I'll let it be as I like!

    © Harfkaar 13-12-20

    For my idol Alok V Menon (follow them on Instagram if you don't already!) A performer and non gender binary artist, I just am obsessed with the way they talk!!!! Love you loads ❤️

    DO CHECK #idols_of_j #j_for_lgbtqia

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