• najuju 19w

    Last Revolutionary

    I bring poems of the enemy, 

    respect from my history, 

    I bring roots of my family tree, 

    I bring trophies of my victory 

    I bring the pain from the revolutionary

    I bring the memory of the fallen warriors

    General Fela Kuti leader of the Afro Army

    I bring the pain of the revolutionary

    I bring the struggle of my people 

    O! Yes i am Kwame Nkruma, Thomas Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, I am Marcus Garvey, I am Shaka Zulu, I am Dedan Kimathi, I am Fela Kuti I am Africa.

    Rise Africa and end the struggle Ngugi Wathiongo didn't die for nothing, Amilcar Cabral didn't fight for nothing, Martin Luther didn't speak for nothing, my tribesman J.S Tarkaa didn't die for nothing, Sultan Bello fought for something, Steven Biko died a fighter...

    Remember the ones who died,

    Remember the ones who fought 

    Remember the ones who spoke for me

    Now I must rise and fight, speak and stand for my people, for every lost one their is a new one. They will never see the last revolutionary, the soldiers of justice.