• obli_vi_ate 6w

    Mango Vodka

    Sitting near the window I think about the end,
    I wish things weren't broken enough for us to mend!
    I heard them say doomsday is coming near,
    I'm still lost in those eyes through the wire frame you wear.

    I wonder if it might be the end of our days,
    Hey Love, you were the best beginning to this with that wide toothed smile on your face!
    Reporters, papers, people everyone is going batshit crazy,
    They remind me of the days, the time your face made me go hazy.

    Damn! I cannot forget anything, this memory is such a curse,
    Sipping your favourite mango vodka is making it even worse!
    Let the end come i'm ready here,
    The world already ended for me the day you disappeared!