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    "Lucky are the ones who are blessed to have mothers
    Proud must be the mothers who are at the helm of this most respectable job"
    ��Happy mother's day ����

    Mother is the only person in the world
    Who works labourously,day in and day out,
    24×7 ,no weekends,no salary,
    On holidays or festive days her work doubles
    Every member is being taken care of
    Everytime she meekly presents herself to her children, to her husband or to the in-laws
    She is the kindest and truest of all relations..
    My fervent appeal to all
    Let's love and respect her each and every day,every moment everywhere,,,,for her services are innumerable can not be paid tribute in a single day
    Since our birth she has been bearing brunts for us
    She goes through thick and thin for us
    Let's love and obey her for this is the only way to pay her back,though it would be still meager against her grandeur....yet it could relieve her tired nerves.

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    O' mother how can I describe you!
    Like the stars innumerable
    Your sacrifices are uncountable
    The vast sky can be measured
    But your love is indefinable
    Even the Mountains can be shaken
    But you are rock firm
    embracing every storm for your child
    I am so indebted to you
    My birth and growth all began with you

    How popular I may grow
    I can never forget how recluse I was
    enjoying the coyness during
    all those nine months
    Your gentle caress is the gentlest of all comforts
    Your handmade meals outclass the best cuisines of the world
    Your support makes me feel the strongest even when I fear the collapse
    You are the only person who understands me completely
    Your hugs just relieve me from every fatigue
    And your smile makes me go extra mile even when I begin to stumble

    Love your mother in every weather
    For young or old,mother is gold