• theksamdt 9w

    Human, a curse in itself...

    To one who can't see colors,
    you're lucky enough,
    couldn't see the face of wrath n grey of Human, no color.

    To one who can't listen,
    the smartass,
    you won't hear who lies at front not behind, a stabber with white face,who only wishes downfall.

    To one who can't utter,
    world isn't lucky,
    you won't be wasting your calories,
    the world really doesn't listens, just says which you always don't wanna hear.

    To one who can't walk to someone,
    good it is,
    no one asks to come & if they do they gonna bore more pain, reaching deepest level.

    To one who doesn't owns heart,
    welcome to a place of yours,
    firstly they gonna make you feel bad for not having it and then they gonna make you feel worse for having it.