• monioluwa 51w

    My paradox

    I want everything and I want nothing
    I want your undivided attention
    I want your eyes to dance in response to my every move
    I want all of you
    And yet I want no part of you
    I wish you'd pay me no attention
    I wish we were strangers again
    I wish you were close yet very far away
    I just want to run
    Sometimes to you,sometimes away
    Always running because the chase is everything
    When you stop running,when the adrenaline fades
    Everything becomes grey
    Because reality ruins everything
    I imagine us perfect,stuck in time
    Frame frozen,eyes shining with joy
    So I'll let it stay that way
    Call it whatever you will
    I'm crazy,scared,confused
    There are no sureties
    I could close my eyes and take a dive,a chance on anything
    But i have just this one heart
    So if I stop running
    If i close my eyes and fall into this abyss called love
    I have to know,if it's worth breaking for
    It'll have to murder my confusion,kill my delusions,put my fears to sleep
    Or maybe none of that
    Maybe the ability to fall despite all the monsters awake
    Is the true test of it
    But it's perfect in picture
    Perfect is overrated
    I want a canvas decorated in colouful beautiful errors
    Masterpieces aren't always perfect
    They're beautiful anyway