• dark_omega 5w


    Standing At The Prow Of A Ship
    Gazing Into The Depths Of A Maelstrom
    An Insolent Thought Blooms, "Now's Really Not The Best Time For A Dip"
    I Knew This Voyage Was Doomed From The Beginning
    Yet I Desired To Push Through In Hopes Of Writing A New Ending
    Heedless Of Admonishment And Cautionary Tales
    I Do Not Consider Myself An Arrogant Despot, Yet My Very Bones Have Pride Embedded Deep Within
    Why Must I Give Way To The Whims Of The World?
    With Obstinacy As My Sword, Obduracy As My Armor
    I'll Carve Myself A Niche
    Or Go Down As The Captain Of A Sinking Ship