• charlieiris 4w

    Fields of Yellow

    One of my favourite houses
    Burned down to a crisp.
    Half of its structure was no longer painted
    White- it was covered in soot.
    I cried. I cried for a house I never knew as a home.
    A house I never knew at all.
    A house that was a home to someone. A home
    For generations, it looked like- the siding was Chipped from the wear of years.
    This was never my home, but
    It was a place I gawked at as I drove by.
    In the summer time, the fields surrounding
    The house were blooming yellow petals
    Of beauty and grace, and they captured
    My attention for all the quick glances
    I could give as I drove by.
    I wish I took that Polaroid
    I was meaning to take,
    But I didn't and now my chance is gone.
    The endless stream of yellow flowers
    Brushing against the ocean blue ahead,
    Is gone, as it is now Fall.
    This house is a reminder
    That not everything lasts forever.
    Little moments that slip by are gone forever.
    That is unless you take a picture.
    I wish I took a picture.