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    Here's my first write about my place, Assam. It has so much to offer, say stories or facts but it's difficult to sum everything up in one go so what I did is include as much as I could and create something meaningful as for the readers to make it a read, worth it. ����

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    To the Eastside beauty

    The land on the eastern foot
    where the sun shows up first
    patched in all green to be
    called "the Amazon of the East"
    bearing pulchritude in every breath
    can bring a person from death
    with the kind of aesthetics it holds
    oh I tell you, your eyes will be less
    for the magic to behold
    as they will transverse through the
    mighty Brahmaputra flowing in all its glories through the state encircling the
    beautiful island of Majuli
    domiciling the sacred Satras and Namghars.
    Into them lives the rich traditions of
    Satriya and the masked dramas, tracing roots to the 15th century Saint, Shankardeva.
    The river serving as the backbone
    instills a thousand splendid hues
    of love and hospitality
    that reflects right back at the culture
    that for the better nurtures
    every soul by the shores of the brook
    Oh what a sight to look
    the sanctified Kamakhya stands tall and stupefied,
    under the pleasing tranquility of the sapphire skies
    covering like a sheath, the fluorescences
    flickering through every Assamese heart
    with absolutely no dirt
    where made the best bamboo artistries
    the land's also known for magic and mystries
    where woven the golden silk dreams in handlooms
    a place for the rarest orchids to bloom
    to adore in buns and dance to the tunes of Bihu
    with cuckoo, the harbinger of spring to sing along
    oh it still got so much to tell you, offer you
    everything you will find so fresh and anew
    plunging the depths you will discover
    it's a beauty in disguise
    through whose heart flows the Dehing
    homing some of the scarcest floras and faunas
    like the Great Indian One-horned Rhinos to
    the magnificent Assam macaque
    from the White Elephants to the river dolphins
    a vision in green and gold it has been
    since the time the Vrindavani Bastra was woven to entice and enchant the world
    which now the London museum hold
    by hands that shaped our way of life
    a place you will take to your afterlife
    to love and to be loved is all we strive
    the land that rose from sweat and blood
    of the robust general, Lachit
    who chose his country over kin
    a man of God akin
    where Kanaklata fought to bring us freedom
    where ruled the potent Ahom kingdom
    to be known the India's longest ruling dynasty
    that left behind people with utmost sobriety
    the land that bore the Bharat Ratna, Bhupen Hazarika,
    and also the world famous tea you sip and cry 'Eureka!'