• khushikant 5w

    He was standing there ,
    I could see the spark in his eyes,
    The love , which I was in search of
    I could finally feel that ,
    I could finally see in his eyes ,
    But , is this world will understand that?
    I know lgbt act has been passed,
    But won't they mock at me?

    The love which I was seeking for ,
    I found that ..
    But he was of my gender,
    Will my family accept that ..
    Will the world will accept us
    I wanna spend my life with him,
    But why my feets are trembling.
    Won't my friends will laugh at me?
    When I will tell them about my truth.
    Is it my fault ?
    That I am like this ?
    My love of my life was standing infront of me,
    But I was chained by the thoughts
    Of this world,
    How better would have been
    If love also had a gender ,
    I was feeling numbness , my heart sinking ,
    I wanted to have him ,
    But there was something that was holding me .......