• tengoku 7w

    ...ever since you've
    left my town.

    I wiped your smile from my pupils and
    washed your voice from my favorite songs.
    I erased those paths from my mind
    on which we used to walk along.

    I burned those phrases where
    we still used to kiss in your old letters,
    crushed those memories where we still
    used to meet in dried breathing petals.

    I peeled those scars from my skin
    which were kissed and embraced by you,
    choked those tales which belonged to us
    but you never cared, never knew.

    I dumped your regrets of meeting me
    deep beneath my smiling eyes,
    gulped suffocation which you wore with me
    but hid in your giggles every night.

    I broke my promise of not weeping again
    and wept whole night all alone,
    read those unsent poetries with moon
    which somewhere you still own.

    I danced on the fading beat of my heart
    which shattered in a rhyming sound.
    I cried like a homesick without you
    ever since you have left my town.