• _poetandididntknowit_ 5w


    Eyes closed, relaxed, deep breathes, the experience is about to begin.
    Heavy chest, distorted noise are you going in?

    Colours overwhelm you, bright and clear as day.
    Twisting, turning and twirling, something so surreal some may say.
    Metatron has awakened, he makes his presence known.
    The cube appears before you, it's the portal and sacred geometrical throne.

    You travel through the portal, faster than the speed of light.
    Seeing all the sacred images, learning all that's right.

    Beyond the sacred portal, faced with ominous surroundings.
    You encounter human like entity's, are they whispering or are they shouting.
    They bear a hidden message, a message you must not spell out.
    This message will change you for bad or good, or turn you crazy inside and out.

    Back in the room, your remember so little, So vivid and real, how so surreal.
    Knowledge obtained, perceptions are clear, still can't decide if what you saw was real...