• namedafterfuck 6w

    I love the way he plays with his hair, I love the way he curl it with his bare hands over and over again, I love staring at his hands specially staring at his fingers' bones and how they look.
    I love the way our tiniest parts of our finger's skin touched each other with shock and I love how we have so much in common. so I didn't have to wonder why there was a sudden repulsion as if our fingers acted as a magnet.

    I love his eyes, I love how it looks when he raises his head but still looking at me with them. I loved them the most when they were half open, I love staring at his lips, and it's not only about how they just look but his lips colour was something else.

    I love his face. I would love to shave that beard just to see his face finest details more and more. I kept staring at his hair, I loved his hair yet I wanted to shave it too, I want to hug his face, I want to memorize it in my head. I wanted to take his eyes, his nose and his lips and hold them in my hands and I love how he makes me feel. I really do and I want the fear to stop.

    I said I never felt like this before since so long and I didn't lie. No one could make me feel the way he makes me feel, I feel the love, the warmth and also the lust and desire. I feel the good and I feel the bad. so I had the total right to be fucking scared. I swear I am so so so fucking scared to get attached and then it turns out to be a one side thing. I am scared to be the one who loves more, who craves more. I hope I won't.