• joleaninn 9w

    February 8 2012

    Picking a seat on the bus is the most awkward experience. And I am so awkward myself it feels escalated times ten. I step onto the shuttle and every seat next to the window is taken, so my only option is to take one of the vacant aisle seats. As I walk by trying to make my decision as to who I'm sitting next to for the 15 minute duration, I anxiously make eye contact with the occupants. There are some people who make it blatantly obvious they want no other person next to them, so I skip by them. I finally pick a seat in the back next to a quaint and quiet girl sipping coffee out of a thermos. She seems nice, but I won't know because I don't make conversation with her. I ride the bus in silence wishing I was one of those people that can make conversation with anyone.