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    Love Is The Darkest Art

    A Dramione fanfic serial

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    Scene 55: Continued

    The library is known to be a quiet place. Perfect for study, reflection, meditation, reading, sucking boy's lips off. For Hermione Granger, the last option seemed the most necessary, and fulfilling. Even if the mistletoe hadn't been over their heads, she knew this was wanted she wanted to do the rest of her life. With her hands caught up inside Draco's shirt, her fingers nearly throbbing at the sensation of his bare skin, she needed nothing more than this. Though she craved his own fingers to trace badly drawn hearts across her own bare skin, she was content with his hands sliding down her lower back to cup her curved clothed body in his capable grasp. It brought forth a heat that flushed over her frame and threatened to overwhelm her. She almost felt like she was standing at the edge of a volcano, wobbling on the rim and trying not to fall into burning depths where there was no return. And as Draco's lips devoured her own, she couldn't tell where he ended and she began. The two of them seemed to be melting together. She was no longer Hermione, he no longer Draco. Now they were just...us. Dramione.

    Scene 56:

    "Whoa, slow down just a sec, will you?"

    Ron Weasley was trying to make sense of what Susan Bones and Ernie MacMillan were trying to tell them. Something about Hermione slapping Malfoy or something. To hear them tell it, Draco looked furious, and to protect them, Hermione had told them to run.

    Ron looked at Harry, whose face held a look of grave concern. "Where was this?" Potter asked.

    "They were in the library, but who knows where he's chased her now!"

    "That was a hard slap she gave him," explained Susan. She almost looked as if she wanted to find Hermione so she could give her a medal. "His head whipped around and everything," she spoke with glee.

    "Okay guys, thanks," Harry said quickly. He looked at Ron. "We need to go back to our rooms and get our wands."

    "You don't have yours on you?" Ron asked incredulously. "I got mine. You always..."

    After a quick glance towards Ernie and Susan, Harry repeated a bit more firmly, "We need to go to our rooms and get our wands."

    It finally dawned on Weasley what Harry was trying to do. He opened his mouth in realization. "Oh yes, right." Obviously there was something back in their room that could be used in rescuing Hermione from Malfoy.

    After leaving Ernie and Susan with a thank you and urging them not to tell anyone of the confrontation with Draco, Harry and Ron found themselves back at Gryffindor, standing over Harry's trunk. Potter rummaged through the contents all the way to the bottom, finally retrieving what he came for. He pulled it out and started unfolding it on his bed.

    "The Marauder's Map," Ron exclaimed, running his hand through his ginger hair. "Great idea, Harry. No matter where they are fighting, we'll find them."

    "As long as they are still in the building and haven't taken it outside." He hesitated. "Okay, there she is. Still in the library."

    "And there's Malfoy," noted Ron, pointing to almost the same spot. "They must be fighting pretty darn close."

    "Yeah it looks like they are right on top of each other. We better hurry."

    Scene 57:

    Hermione was lost in the delirium of moments. She couldn't tell whether she was experiencing quickness of breath or the shortness of it. For Draco, there was no lightness of breath, but of spirit, as if his soul was stepping on clouds across the sky. The butterflies that came with holding, kissing, touching Hermione were released, moving through all parts of his body. For Hermione, the butterflies were not moving, but lingered in some places, dissipated in others. The world was falling away to where only one thing existed, the fulfilling completeness of true love's heated enbrace.

    'I feel like I'm out among the stars, floating in your touch," she thought, before realizing she had actually whispered it aloud.

    Draco stopped. Frozen in place. Hermione had a sudden thought she'd said something wrong. Some silly girl thing to stop a guy in his tracks. His hands had been lovingly caressing her back. Another had been over her breast, where she herself had held it, his fingers feeling her excitement through her blouse. His kisses had been upon her throat. But now, after her poetic whisper, his hands were leaving her.

    "Draco, I'm..."

    "Shhh," he said, putting a finger to her lips. "Someone's coming."

    "What? How do you...."

    "I put a charm on the door when I arrived. To alert me if someone else was in the area."

    "But I didn't hear anything."

    He sniffed the air. "Smell that?"

    She took a whiff. The aroma was immediate and strong. "Hot buttered popcorn?"

    He grinned. "My favorite muggle snack. The charm was not an audible one, but one for a sense of...." He grabbed her hand. "Come on, let's go." He pulled her out from under the mistletoe. Ducking low, they scurried out of the aisle and into the next one over. The sound of voices and quickly shuffling feet could be heard drawing closer, and Draco reached for his invisibility cloak. It wasn't there. He had left it back in his room. If they were going to avoid getting caught, he was going to have to do something drastic.

    He looked at Hermione with a loving, yet pained expression. "I'm sorry, Hermione," he said, reaching behind his back.

    He wasn't fast enough. Hermione already had her wand in hand. "Expelliarmus!"

    The wand Draco had produced behind his back suddenly flew out of his hand and skittered across the floor. Harry and Ron rounded the corner, their own wands drawn. Draco ran for his weapon, diving to retrieve it. He hit the floor and almost had his hands around it, when Hermione sent another spell his way. This time it was a curse, but he didn't realize what it was until he touched the fallen wand. He couldn't grasp it. Couldn't get his fingers around it. His hand was limp, as if all the bones had been removed from it. A jelly hand jinx. Damn that girl. Keeping secrets was getting frustrating as hell. For a brief moment, he thought about jumping up and yelling, "We're a couple!" But when he saw the furious looks of Harry and Ron, he decided flight was better.

    The Gryffindor boys both aimed their wands and shouted. Hermione crashed into them, causing them to stumble and their spells to fly wild. "Sorry, " she cried out. "I tripped."

    By the time Harry and Ron recovered, Draco was already on the run. "Get him," they both yelled and took off in pursuit. Hermione reached down and picked up Draco's wand. She stuffed it down her blouse, right next to the spot where Draco's hands would have laid across her bare skin if they had been allowed to continue uninterrupted. Soon, she thought with a smile, and ran after the boys in their wake.

    Scene 58:

    Draco was on the move, sprinting down the hallway. "The things I do for love," he said to himself. "One of these days, I'm just going to say to hell with it. " He heard Harry and Ron's shouts behind him. "But not today." He put forth a burst of speed and dashed around the corner. If he could make it to the front door, he could escape Hogwarts and be outside. It had been snowing, so maybe they wouldn't give chase through the drifts.

    He hit the door hard, flinging it open. Someone shouted, "Malfoy! Where do you think you're going?!"

    Draco looked back. Filch was coming towards him, anger in his movements. "You're not on the list for lake skating! Get back here!"

    He knew he was going to be in worse trouble if he disobeyed the cranky, old caretaker,, but he could now see Harry and Ron coming, too. He didn't want to face any of them. This day was quickly becoming complicated. Then Hermione came up behind Harry and Ron. Before he knew what he was doing, he smiled and blew her a kiss. Then he was out the door and into the snow.

    "Did Draco just blow you a kiss," Ron asked Harry.

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    A Dramione fanfic serial