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    We are back with the second part of the story. I hope you will like it.The antique mirror used as the picture of the story is real...... Everything happening with Maria was very strange....Her parrot and her plants had died and now let's see what was else was waiting for her ahead.....
    It seemed as though her tears were going to form the largest ocean in the world and drenched in the myriad of rain droplets she finally started drinking heavily to drain her pain....All of a sudden she fell down and the flightless journey was never ending when she fell in a dark room with a thud!
    'Where am I?Why can't I see anything and who are you! This is unbelievable....Is it my own reflection.... From where did this mirror come and I....'
    As these words crossed her lips,she felt a cold breath on the back of her neck.. Something was crawling up her legs.She felt uncomfortable and the cold was increasing irresistiblly..Two hands tried to get hold of her neck.... She was unable to breathe.Oxygen was no more reaching her lungs.Someone was standing in front of her and stabbed her with a knife.....
    She had vomitted on the floor.It took her some time to realise that it was just a bad dream.
    'What is happening with me? I cannot stand this anymore.... I think I should invite some of my friends to stay with me for a while and I am sure I would feel better in their company....'
    Her friends were very concerned about Maria and on getting the news of her illness they decided to stay with her for a few days until she gets well.'
    'Hey! Missed you all so much and thank you so much for coming....'
    'Hello girl.... Even we are feeling so happy to see you after such a long time!Omg!Look at you..... You have turned so thin,so pale and the dark circles under your eyes are so dark that it seems as though you did not sleep for a decade now.. Come on now you go and sleep and don't worry about anything....We will manage everything....'
    'Definitely going to obey your orders mam.Good night.'
    'Good night dear.'
    At about 1:00 am at night, one of her friends went into Maria's room to check on her.She was feeling a bit uncomfortable but could not state the reason for it.She moved to to the bedside to see Maria.Something was strange about her posture and the way in which she was lying down.Anyone could say by having a look on her face that she was smiling, but smiling in a weird manner.Both her hands were held tight as though she was holding something.Without giving it a second thought she went back as according to her, Maria's illness was the cause of such behaviour.
    Next day in the morning they all gathered in the dining for breakfast.
    'Did you sleep well my girl? Feeling better now?Any problem, call us....'
    'Thank you so much for your concern.'
    'Maria do you remember anything about the previous night.... I mean what kind of dream did you have coz you were behaving really weirdly and I got concerned about you....'
    'Dream? What are you talking about coz I don't remember a single thing from the previous night....'
    'Its okay dear.... Come, let's have breakfast.'
    The entire day was going normally but the night always seemed to have enmity with laughter and joy.When one of the girls was passing through her room,to her surprise the room was locked and some horrifying, strange,creepy sounds were coming from her room.She rushed to the other friends and told them everything.When they failed to open the door, they broke it and hurried inside.They were surprised at the sight of what they saw.Maria did not speak to them.Instead she was sitting on the ground and scratching the walls and making irresistible sounds.The look in her eyes totally scared them but being true friends they did not step back.All of a sudden she had fainted.They dressed her wounds,changed her into comfortable clothes,placed her on the bed and left her to relax for some time.
    'In her entire life she has suffered a lot and that is the reason of this mental stress... I think we should consult a psychiatrist' said John.
    'In my opinion we should....While you people search for a doctor, I can just stay back and look after her in case she does something to herself....'
    'Okk....We will return soon....'
    I know it's a bit long but hope you would enjoy reading.....The next part is coming soon!Till then take care my Mirakians!

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