• zakariahusni 5w

    Long gone and moved on

    When you said you needed space
    I tried to understand our case
    You are there and I am here
    Yeah it's a long distance love affair.

    When I found out there's someone
    I wipe the tears with my hand
    What happen to "I'm your woman"
    If for you "I'm not the only the one".

    You and me in my vision
    Maybe it'sjust part of an illusion
    Cause tomorrow your not part of a new chapter
    Gotta turn the page cause the future is much brighter.

    Your idea that we're soulmate still makes me laugh
    But girl that's enough
    I don't believe anymore on destiny
    Let me just focus more on reality.

    No more call, please don't text
    I don't want anymore of these
    This isn't right
    No, I don't want any fight.

    Don't pretend like yesterday isn't over
    Can't bring back our closeness together
    Stop your sweetness and care
    Cause to him this is not fare.

    I thank you for those years
    When we both face our fears
    Memories of us I will keep
    Surely I will miss it.

    If you ever read this
    I wish you luck peace and happiness
    I have loved you that's for sure
    But for now let me have the love that is true and pure.

    Words by: Zakariahusni