• ruqayyahava 6w

    Scribbling story ��
    They are childhood friends ,
    She always saved him from bad boys ,
    Who bullied him , because of his cutee Face ,like keshav, they teased him, she abused them , took care of him ,
    He always says ,why do you do care so much ? ( while taking off his spectacles,) because you are my bestfriend , and no one can hurt you ,
    Him thinking in his mind ~ What If , someday you will ?
    Her whispering to herself ~ I know what you are thinking , but you should've keep faith on yourself ,and our friendship , no worry , I will make you believe in true love.
    Her~ so tell me will you go with me for treat,mother gave me pocket money,we will eat icecream !!!
    Him~icecream! But it's your pocket money, keep it with you.I am not in mood and it's yours.
    Her~ why do you think this way?
    We are friends right? And money doesn't matter,it's not favor, it's treat, we are bestfriends, and you know what are you thinking! So be sure,I am not gonna leave you ,someday It could be with words i can hurt you,because words hurts and we mostly hurt whom we love the most. But its promise ! I won't leave you ,and you will be my bestfriend till our last laugh and last cry with each other.
    Him~promises has made for breaking up , no one keeps , I don't believe .
    Her~ put your hands on my beating heart , look at my eyes ,I am not gonna leave you, and will be bestfriend forever . Can you feel it ? Feel it ? Feel it ??? Tell me ?
    Him ~ giggled and laughed laughed hard , you are stupid , my little witch.
    Why you behave this way ? Childish ? And like fairytale's musings, we are now grown up , you 22 and I am 26 , still you a child .
    Her~ ( -_- )
    I hate you alot, you think I am joking lying and its childish , it's true love , you know well , I am not gonna talk , I am going bye !
    Him~wait wait wait! Where are you going?
    Her~ hell ! Leave my hand ,or I will beat you , you are bad !
    Him ~ yes I know I am bad ! That's why no one loved me.
    Her~ go fuck off ! And die !
    Him~ wait wait wait ! Sorry I did not mean to hurt you, you know I run from my feelings and I am afraid of being tortured , unloved and abandoned again by you now. ����
    Her~ oh god ! Why don't you believe on me.I am going , I know I am bad that's y�� ...... him ~ oh no no no ! It's not truth , pulled her and hugged her tight ! Sorry , I love you alot! Don't leave . Please ! I really love you ..... her ~ fine !!!!!!! If you insisted (-_-) , are you coming for icecream treat , like we did in childhood ,every weekend ???? �� ........ him ~ yes please !!!!! Let's go...on bicycle, let's go ! ~~~~~~~ true love never fades in any season , they never leave hands ,just keep faith on love and your self ... @the.wolf.and.her.moon ��

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