• morlorn 23w

    You are my beautiful poetry, A.��

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    A beautiful poetry

    You walk into the night and the stars started to fall.
    My heart was stolen from my chest,
    the world was on a stand still,
    then the roses bloomed in the lonely hills.

    You gaze as the sun rises from the horizon,
    then angels started to sing.
    The wind blowing your hair
    and your nostalgic scent filled the air.

    I started to breath.
    Now your scent lingers in my lungs,
    the smell of a lovely book
    has got my heart hooked.

    And as I look deeper into you
    I can see the scars that has made you beautiful.
    The flaws inside your soul,
    that's what made you whole.

    And my heart will always beat for you,
    my hands will never ache from writing,
    because for me
    you’re a beautiful poetry.