• eyesick 6w

    I think i told the other guy or girl to pretend they are me so that i wont lose everything i had.
    See i switched ppl. Aka bodies.
    I let him or her kill my first body so that they can have a point or something.
    Then i knew i would get revived as a new person.
    And i knew noone would believe me that i am who i am.
    So i gave someone the cheat codes or plan to win or something idk its a blurry thought of mine and it hurts the more i think about it. But my brain wont leave this topic.
    The only reason why im writing this is cuz my heart is starting to hurt. Like literally hurting . Not a metaphor.
    And i wanted to let u know i am the reason they are who they are.
    I am the reason she is in your group now.
    I am the reason they look at nerds or nerd stuff as cool now.
    Noe let me go smoke to help boost my heart