• fletch 6w

    The heart is beating but dead is the soul

    I've paid all my dues yet there's still a bell to toll

    The body's breathing beneath catonic eyes

    The blood is flowing set free for demise

    I've lost my balance but God knows I've tried

    A search light soul with my wings denied

    Caught inside scarlett letters I'm forever stuck

    My darkest hours have rendered me stricken and struck

    I'm being carved into what once was me

    I feel the pain will never cease or set me free

    It's an uphill battle I'm failing to climb

    And on my side is not the hands of time

    Betrayed and broken, consumed by a lie

    I bear my sins underneath the sorrow of a wicked sky

    Holding all the aces yet victory isn't mine to taste

    Killing me slowly are the nightmares that cant be erased