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    Oh goddess! You are infertile;
    Still, you have forcefully snatched the title of a mother, which is extremely vile.

    You can't love like a real mother because, you can't have real children;
    Your womb is dark and barren.

    You deceive the world with your lies;
    You inflict death with the help of your monstrous eyes.

    You don't come whenever you are needed;
    You just want to be worshipped and lauded.

    You deliberately avoid the responsibilities of a mother;
    You can see us calling you for help but still, you don't even bother.

    You don't accept the flaws of your children and instead, you mercilessly kill them;
    You are the bringer of chaos and mayhem.

    You are the mistress of the devils;
    You corrupt everyone with your evils.

    You just pretend to be good;
    In reality, you are a dragon promoting all the filth and falsehood.

    You pretend to be a divine mother but, you can't hide your sins;
    You command the forces of the evil jinns.

    You choose violence in order to establish your false peace;
    You are a hypocrite and are a bringer of chaos and disease.

    You engulf the whole world with your dark eclipses;
    You are a false goddess and you are the lady of apocalypses.


    This poem is based on a biblical character which is known by many names such as, 'Lady Babalon' , 'The Lady in Red' , 'Mistress of evil' , 'The Dark Queen' , 'The Great Whore' , 'Lady of Apocalypses' , 'False Mother' , 'Fallen Goddess' , 'False Goddess' , etc. It is believed that, this demonic woman will appear during the end times and she will be dressed in red clothes. She will seduce men and she will tempt everyone to do evil things. She will also claim to be a divine goddess and a holy mother but in reality, she will be a demoness. She will be a manifestation of destruction. She will be riding on a ferocious seven headed dragon(the seven heads represent the seven deadly sins, which are: pride, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, sloth and envy). I hope you all like this poem. Peace...✌️♥️✌️

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    Lady in Red

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