• dflames 5w


    It's like an ocean of sand
    And when I try to swim around 
    Sometimes I drown in it too
    My strength fail at the flow of it's current
    My breath cease but I'm still alive

    It's like a vast emptiness 
    Sometimes Dark, Sometimes Blindly bright
    Sometimes I see nothing too
    My perception can't comprehend 
    Everything then seem so vast and empty
    Like an desert surround 

    It's like a maze 
    Like a spectrum
    My mind changes its directions
    Sometimes I get lost too
    No Pattern to follow, no map to guide
    But all I do is move

    If you wish to dive within
    If you wish to see the beauty of nothingness 
    If you step inside 
    If you ever get lost within
    Hold my hands and let's walk together