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    #self-reflection is key

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    Caravan Mo'Tell

    Chilling in the caravan
    learning man to man, hand to hand
    one bloody palm over the world
    as we orbit n twirl, Spin a twin
    flip her friend, Knocking down doors
    Leveling the score
    Raqeuteering, blackmailing,
    not to Badmention
    Politicians magic tricking women
    Don't play!
    Don't take away!?! What we constitute!!!
    Is it magic? It is more?!?
    Teaching lessons ,molding habits
    So I wont bore
    Ill el Capitan ,save a woman
    If that heart is tore!
    Inner intuitions tell me open every door Weeping for the ones sleeping
    Peers peep-in...
    Hopefully never sneak-in
    Awakening the mental each n every weekend. Weakened body Withered
    by speed/ time or Trick and treatment Peaceful moments of life
    Created by love and light
    Eyes wide open, always seeing, never blinking, unless I'm winking
    Two options!?!Tossed into life!
    Clever thinking or Endeavor sinking
    When you look into reflection...
    Which king do you see?!? 2/10/18

    Copyright © Michael Ruiz