• ankitab 22w

    Lucky are those who get a second shot at love!

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    Second Chances

    There is only one true love written in your destiny, they always told her.
    But as lucky as she was to find it,
    Life had some other plans written for her.
    That accident not only snatched him from her but also crushed her sole reason of existence.
    Her beautiful smile was lost in the sea of sadness,
    Her expressive eyes now only had tears welled up in them.
    And then like a God sent angel he entered her life.
    Swashbuckling as his entry was, she despised him.
    But his charms did the wonder.
    Before she knew it, he had become her confidant.
    She was back to her happy and cheerful ways,
    Love had come knocking on her door again,
    Apprehensive initially, she decided to give it a second chance!
    They took the leap of faith and went on to weave a beautiful story of love and togetherness!