• eldeesama 10w

    Peace over everything..

    I am destined to black
    I Never made my self to be black
    The color does not matter
    The tribe does not matter
    The dialet does not matter
    Ethnic difference does not matter
    Killing another race is a big deal
    A multiple domination of God own creation
    Brings light to the nation
    Calamity is a step backward

    Peace is a complete healing
    Absolute poverty ruins everything
    Everyday Everyday
    We need to love from the inside
    Not pretense as a trademark
    Clutching on unseen influence
    We need to be transcient
    The holy book says it all
    Am not from the west
    Or any cardinal territory
    Am everywhere just like you and me
    We live peace
    So that our children children will have hope in the land
    It time to make our world a better place