• jwinchester 20w

    Victims Of Chaos

    Our galaxy formed
    from storms a chaos.
    It expands reaching
    beyond stars so lost.

    There's a chill in the
    deep chasm of space
    where worlds alive I
    ponder if share fate.

    There in the silence,
    inside void unknown,
    I imagine if someone's
    globe also turns cold.

    Do we share here now,
    in our corner in space,
    the rain of all our pain
    fallen on a tender face?

    A humanity asks us
    search inside and out
    here inside this sphere
    a mind a chaos clouds.

    Clashing comets spur
    trails of gaseous light.
    Seen as I peer into it,
    the vastness of night.

    Calamitous bodies of
    celestial form beyond
    show us we are weak
    though we feel strong.

    Cataclysmic rain fills
    in my own earthly ire
    that consumes me I a
    chaos in me perspire.