• anxiouspoet 23w

    Grave Bound

    Im looking at him...at me.
    In the coffin...alone.
    At the funeral in an empty room.
    Not a sound.
    I shake and shout at my lifeless body.
    Not a move.
    Was this the path all along?
    Could I ever fight this destiny?
    Watching myself get lowered six feel under.
    I feel regret and fear.
    Something drags me into the grave.
    Into the coffin with overpowering force.
    I punch, kick, and shout.
    But it's hopeless I am trapped and alone.
    Panic intensifies and I am awaken.
    Why did i dream this?! Why do i remember every second and feeling! So vivid and lucid.
    Am I grave bound young?
    Or is my mind really gone?