• iammusaafiir 30w


    Hi friends. Here I am once again with old wine in a new bottle. Yes, it in fact is. All what I have been telling are the facts, we all know, yet fail to acknowledge their relevance in our lives. We keep on blaming others, cribbing about the things which shouldn't have occurred. In simple words, complicating our lives, inviting miseries. Yes, we do love complications, rather don't ever wish to open doors to let them go off for a stress free life.
    The biggest ingredient, we miss to stay happy is forgiveness. We seldom forgive our wrongdoers. Just keep on carrying grudges, we really don't wish to move on. Forgiveness is one aspect, if practised, will give immense peace., Keep us free from turbulence of mind. I remember Shakespeare here. In merchant of Venice, he beautifully describes mercy is like a shower sent by God which blesses both the giver and the receiver. Believe me friends, I have had numerous sleepless nights in the same pursuit, never being able to forgive, till the time I realised, it is only ruining me mentally, physically and in every possible manner. I could see myself going into the black hole. I had to let it go off. And telling you the truth, now I feel more at peace with myself with new creative ideas keep crossing my mind. My mind had become a pool of stagnant water, rotting. But again, I thank my Lord for rescuing me from such a pathetic state of mind. So buddies, our main karma is to keep on doing good without any expectations from any one. This is an ultimate to to success and eternal peace which no other source can provide. Have faith, stay connected, stay blessed.